Terms & Conditions

Photography is a creative endeavor. A photograph is a piece of creative work (by definition). As such, it is owned by the creator. All images created by Chris Leck Photography are the property of the photographer and are copyrighted.

We love creating images and love for them to be seen. That is why we are photographers! When others use our images, it is by mutual agreement, typically in the form of a license. Often, a license to use an image involves a fee. That fee allows us to continue to make images. [We also provide images for free, non-commercial use. These images often will have an embossed logo on them. ]

We do not sell images, we license the use of them. When you license an image, we agree to what, where, when, and how the image is to be used. We also ask that an image credit, e.g., ©2009 Chris Leck, accompany each image.

For those interested in the specifics (the ‘fine print’), samples of our license agreements are listed in the sidebar at right.

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