Equipment & Technique

Photography: Chris works primarily with ‘35mm’ digital SLRs and related equipment, feeling that these are ideal matches for performance, sports, events, news, and many other subjects. The resolution of this format generally is suitable for prints up to 20″x24″ or more.

For headshots and portraits, lightweight portable lighting is used — usually speedlights and umbrellas. White seamless paper often is used as a backdrop for headshots.

Processing: Processing is done through a combination of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CS4, along with various plug-ins. The workflow is color-managed and the equipment is calibrated.

Proofs and Prints: Proofs usually are made available through our on-line gallery and store. Proof galleries can be private and password-protected. Prints may be ordered from the website in a very wide variety of sizes. Recommended papers include lustre, and our new addition of metallic paper (’chrome on paper’). Most prints are made on Fuji Frontier printers, perhaps the most common type of printer used by professional photo finishers. We also like to make our own custom prints, up to 13″x19″, on our Epson 2200. This allows us to use a variety of fine art papers.

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