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May I use your images for….

October 16, 2007 1:34 am

We get a lot of requests for images. This is great, it’s why we’re here. Here is how we provide images:

Personal Use: For personal use, we provide prints in many sizes and personal digital downloads. If you don’t see a print size that you need, please contact us. We can provide prints in all common sizes, and in some uncommon sizes. If personal digital downloads are not available for the image that you want, please contact us.

Professional Use: We make high-resolution digital files available to artists and performers for professional promotion. The current price is $40/image. Please contact us for more information.

Editorial and Commercial Use: Editorial and commercial use are priced according to prevailing rates for the intended usage. Please contact us for quotes.

Don’t see something here that you want? We take assignments. Please see our list of Clients and Publications.

All images on this website are copyrighted, all rights reserved. Thanks for looking!

New: Larger Gallery previews

12:46 am

Effective immediately, most new galleries will feature much larger previews. To see the larger previews, just click on an image (the larger display image to the right in each gallery). You should see a preview of up to 1280 pixels wide. Until now, we were limited to 800-pixel-wide previews. The new, larger size will make for much better viewing.

We will update older galleries as time permits. If there is a gallery that you would like to see updated to the new preview size, please contact us and we will make it happen.

We appreciate your comments, questions, and your business. Please see our galleries here.