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June 29, 2007 12:47 am

Okay, we really got behind in our announcements. Here are a bunch, in chronological order:

    Portland said ‘NO!’ to sweatshops on Feb. 19. [View Images]

    World renowned flutist, Michel Debost, performed at The Old Church on April 13. [View Images]

    The Greater Portland Flute Society presented its annual Flute Fair, featuring Michel Debost, on April 14. [View Images | Visit GPFS Website]

    The Agniezska Laska Dancers (ALD) and others performed in ‘Bach to Bloch,’ May 11-13. [View Images | Visit ALD website]

    On April 20, the Surge Protection Brigade (aka, the Seriously Pissed-Off Grannies) explained that surge escalation = more death. Two women went to jail for blocking the doors of the local Army recruiting station. [View Images]

    Lawanda Jackson performed at Living Room Theaters in a benefit for Brother to Brother on June 15. [View Images]

    The Portland Pride Parade was held on June 17. [View Selected Images | See the whole enchilada (almost)]

    June 22nd found the Surge Protection Brigade back at the recruiters office to say “Do ask, Do Tell, Don’t Join.” [View Images]

    ‘March Against the Raids’ was a reaction to the ICE (immigration, ‘La Migra’) raids in Portland. [View Images]

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