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Notice of Price Increases

June 29, 2007 1:26 am

As of August 1, the following price increases will take place:

  • Digital licenses for professional use will increase to $40 for two years. We’ve held the current prices for three years.
  • Hourly rates will increase to $85/hr.
  • Package quotes for headshots and portraits will increase by 15%.
  • Travel rates will be brought into line with prevailing costs.

Current customers will be exempt from these increases until November 1. Commercial rates will continue to track prevailing national and international rates. Event photography print pricing will stay the same.

We regret the increases. However, they are necessary in order to maintain and increase our services.

New Galleries

12:47 am

Okay, we really got behind in our announcements. Here are a bunch, in chronological order:

    Portland said ‘NO!’ to sweatshops on Feb. 19. [View Images]

    World renowned flutist, Michel Debost, performed at The Old Church on April 13. [View Images]

    The Greater Portland Flute Society presented its annual Flute Fair, featuring Michel Debost, on April 14. [View Images | Visit GPFS Website]

    The Agniezska Laska Dancers (ALD) and others performed in ‘Bach to Bloch,’ May 11-13. [View Images | Visit ALD website]

    On April 20, the Surge Protection Brigade (aka, the Seriously Pissed-Off Grannies) explained that surge escalation = more death. Two women went to jail for blocking the doors of the local Army recruiting station. [View Images]

    Lawanda Jackson performed at Living Room Theaters in a benefit for Brother to Brother on June 15. [View Images]

    The Portland Pride Parade was held on June 17. [View Selected Images | See the whole enchilada (almost)]

    June 22nd found the Surge Protection Brigade back at the recruiters office to say “Do ask, Do Tell, Don’t Join.” [View Images]

    ‘March Against the Raids’ was a reaction to the ICE (immigration, ‘La Migra’) raids in Portland. [View Images]

Site Updates

12:09 am

We’re just about done with a bit of a renovation. The most visible part is more visual continuity between these pages and our Smugmug-hosted galleries. We also have added more header images and will continue to do so. [The header images are the images at the tops of the pages.] Not visible are are number of software upgrades, which should provide more capabilities and reliability.